New concept in Romania: Followership®

New concept launched in Romania: Followership® – improves engagement and develops authentic leadership

Qipa and Votive LLP UK, with the Bucharest British Embassy’s participation, have launched the concept of Followership® on corporate training market in Romania.

Truly innovative programs for development as Followership are rare in Central and Eastern Europe and in Romania we can now take all the advantages of this concept. Followership is validated on the UK and USA training markets for the ability to change mentalities and finally approaches, business human behavior to achieve their goals and meet the company’s strategy.

Why would anyone want to follow you?

It’s not about leadership, the real attribute is “followership” and that potential leaders should always ask themselves “Why would anyone want to follow me?”

Vyomesh Joshi, former HP Executive Vice President for Forbes 23.04.2013

To think from the people point of view and to understand the masses philosophy is called FOLLOWERSHIP.

You must study leadership, but to become a successful leader you must understand FOLLOWERSHIP:

  • Leaders contribute on the average no more than 20% to the success of organizations. Those who follow the leader are critical to the completion of the remaining 80%.
  • Most people spend more time following than leading. In fact, most people move back and forth between leading and following.
  • For most people following represents 70% to 90% of their lives. Most people follow more than they lead.

Qipa brings to Romania the Followership concept in a practical, hand-on development program owned by VOTIVE LLP UK, one of the most important UK training companies.

You are welcome to talk more about efficiently matching of Followership and Leadership in your team.