Qipa is Different

We all struggle to be more efficient – as individuals and as teams and organisations.

We love to have highly engaged people around us that can focus and involve themselves thoroughly in the daily business. But do we have only this type of employees if any…? So what can we do?

As all research studies show we as managers have that responsibility: to help them be engaged and to maintain this spirit within our organisation.


  1. Know our people as well as we can
  2. Be able to identify the “already or native” engaged ones
  3. Know how to work with the native engaged employees
  4. Develop our employees

 Qipa can help you by:

      1. Applying different instruments like: EIP, LCI, Clarity4D

Develop your people skills through workshops on personalities, temperaments at individual and team level.

      1. Defining the Effective Follower Profile within your organization
      2. Develop your abilities to work with Effective Followers
      3. Really develop your people following their needs and your organization business strategy

Unique Programs: Followership® Momentum, Professional Life Management®, Pharma Division Programs and more starting with our ability and willingness to create programs from scratch.

Unique Instruments: Emotional Intelligence Profile®, Leadership Climate Indicator®, Clarity4D®

Unique Approach: Self Development applied in business skills development.