Followership  = Time for new thinking around leadership

Today the workplace is a very different place, however the thinking around leadership has remained stubbornly static and academic. At Qipa we believe the time is now for us to think and act differently. The programmes developed by Votive look at leadership from a different angle and we spend as much time discussing the concepts of “followership” as we do leadership. Seeing as everyone in an organisation plays a “followership” role and leaders without followers are generally classed as ‘lone nuts’, this seems logical. Our staffs are our customers and we must begin to consider what a customer experience should look like for them.

Much is written about effective leadership, but little is discussed about effective followership, and yet we all have a follower role to play in our organisations. The unique effective followership model is designed to improve engagement in all employees and to improve the manager / team leader’s ability to generate effective followership in those they lead.

This model challenges an individual’s thinking, their behavior and the environment they are creating. It is a performance improvement model designed for the 21st century.

But do not be fooled by the term ‘effective followership’; this is most definitely a leadership model, the missing piece in the jigsaw of a company’s performance make up. Designed to release the potential in others, this model will run as DNA throughout all of Votive programmes, adding a depth and relevance to everything we do.

Followership Development Programs:

  • Strategy Workshops and Alignment
  • Leading Self
  • Leading Others
  • Developing Others
  • Influencing Others and Critical Conversations