Customer Service is an Attitude, not a Department

Customer service is very personal. Our expectations vary according to circumstances and our own ideas about a good service. But we all know really good customer service when we see it.

It’s that special touch that makes us feel like someone cares.

It’s a smile or a follow-up call. It’s someone doing something memorable that we didn’t expect.

Customer Service Training is about facilitating what every organization wants: fantastic service every time. You can be instrumental in creating a framework to improve significantly how internal service providers assist each other and, ultimately, deliver great services to all customers.

Once the course is completed the participants will be able to:

  • appreciate how customer service efforts impact company profits;
  • understand that internal customer service is just as critical as the external customer service;
  • prioritize and focus on the top expectations of customers;
  • identify one’s own personal style and the personal styles of customers;
  • apply personal knowledge to communicate more effectively with customers;
  • develop a personalized strategy for improving listening skills;
  • choose a vocabulary that is calming and persuasive;
  • turn angry customers into repeatedly happy customers.