Chocolate Factory Business Simulation®

The purpose of any simulation is to let participants experiment with reality – without ruining the business. Qipa business simulations are not just games; they are self-contained learning experiences that recreate real workplace or operational environments, and give your people the opportunity to test new skills and knowledge – and make mistakes – in a fun, safe environment.

We chose chocolate so we can bound serious learning with real pleasure: to understand and be able to create strategies one must taste the business! And tasting is included!

Companies are increasingly turning to simulations to help build strategic alignment and execution capability when faced with one or more of the following business challenges:

  • Implementing a new strategy and key performance objectives
  • Accelerating innovation and strategy execution
  • Improving business acumen and financial decision-making
  • Transforming sales organizations into business-results accelerators.
  • Focusing leadership development on front-line execution.
  • Implementing culture change aligned to strategy
  • Integrating newly merged companies.
  • Modelling complex value-chains for collaborative cost elimination