Business Consultancy


Areas of expertise: sales team creation, department procedures, client profiling, motivational instruments, sales management instruments, KPIs.

Consultants’ experience: minimum 15 years Senior Sales Management, Corporate & Executive Coaches.

Outcome: sales results (at individual and team level), solid development base, measurement instruments.

Customer relationship management

Areas of expertise: CS team creation, department procedures, performance evaluation process.

Consultants’ experience: minimum 10 years Senior Customer Service Management.

Outcome: efficient Customer Service, higher retention rate, better company image, measurement instruments.


Areas of expertise: optimization of processes related to human resources management, according to the specific needs of the client and company size

Consultants’ experience: minimum 10 years Senior Consultant

Outcome: HR Organizer, a Business Process Management application allowing the modeling and implementation of a large number of processes related to employees’ management: HR administration, Recruitment process, Holidays management, Employees certificates, Entering process, Managing employees’ access to IT resources within the company, Performance Appraisal, Exit process.

Process reengineering

Areas of expertize

  • Documented processes with workflows, activity descriptions, and performance measurements;
  • Role definitions, skills requirements and a training plan;
  • Mapping key processes with the new technology applications;
  • Performance assurance systems;
  • Operations strategy development;
  • Corporate process optimization;
  • Change management programs;
  • Enterprise risk management programs;
  • Outsourcing of corporate processes;
  • Supporting corporate organizations with expertise, including senior management support services;
  • Development of business continuity/emergency response programs.

Consultants’ experience: minimum 10 years Senior Consultant.

Outcome: higher level of throughput, quality of the output, improved operational efficiency, alignment of key performance indicators with company strategy, improved cash flow and working capital, increased visibility to work processes by all levels in the process, improved resources utilization.

Recommended IT tools: Business Process Management solution.