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Qipa Value comes with its consultants’ experience – all Qipa consultants have minimum 15 years business experience, on positions from middle management to top management in multinational companies.

The main Qipa principle: you cannot teach/ evaluate anybody who has a management position (for example) if you hadn’t had the direct experience as a manager.

Development/ Assessment Center is one of the most advanced evaluation instruments that currently exists in business, Qipa developing its own program – as a response to clients’ request for a product dedicated to Romanian market. Thus our Assessment Center experts created a set of instruments that have been adapted to each project. The industries in which we have implemented this evaluation system are: pharmaceutical, FMCG, production, IT, constructions, automotive, in 15 multinational and Romanian companies. The professional level of those evaluated is from Top Management to entry-level.

Applying Qipa Assessment Center was always with the aim of creating a development program for those assessed, so that we can implement those trainings that would bring added value for the participants, for the company and would also increase the motivation and retention of valuable people for our client.

The assessment team must include at least four persons with the following competencies:

  • HR Expert – person with HR experience, and also with experience in creating and implementing Assessment Centers;
  • Psychologist – certified in creating and implementing Assessment Centers, with practical experience of minimum 10 years;
  • Certified Trainers – minimum 10 years’ experience in creating and delivering trainings;
  • One assessor from the client (if desired) – participation of one HR department member is recommended for the benefit of being able to then implement similar instruments in the company. He or she will be designated by the client Management and will receive specific training from Qipa (Train of Assessor).

Qipa Assessment Center is a complex evaluation method, which allows the analysis of specific and general competencies, determination of potential, and creation of a training program adapted to the assessed persons.

Assessing of personal skills is done with the help of custom made psychological tests and/ or questionnaires, and also by monitoring the participant’s behavior during the entire evaluation process. Special emphasis is given on various assumptions, themes, and individual requirements, such as logical tests, role plays and team exercises.