Best Start in Management

“Management is about getting things done through the effective use of resources.”
Starting as a manager can be a great challenge – more than 55% of the first time managers don’t get any training before getting the job. This program comes with a solid foundation for those facing this reality and helps the organization create a further development program for them.

This two-day course will help managers to manage their team effectively, involving and engaging them in achieving results.

Once the course is completed the participants will be able to:

  • understand better the role of the manager and the responsibilities this carries;
  • understand their own approach to working with others and how this affects outcomes;
  • understand their management style, their natural strengths, and the areas needing development;
  • maximize performance through agreeing, setting and monitoring performance objectives and through use of effective feedback;
  • illustrate the principles of motivation and apply individual methods to motivate each individual and the team;
  • be aware of leadership styles and of their personal preferred style;
  • be familiar with a range of methods of effective communication;
  • delegate with confidence;
  • identify, develop and work with the personal strengths of individual team members;
  • set the best possible example to inspire others.