Right Mind Positioning

While “Positive Thinking” is a popular expression, Qipa consultants point out that positive thinking is an upbeat in communication, self-esteem and confidence.

The workshop can provide participants with communication skills and mind exercises that will tune them into positive thinking.

People with a positive attitude have a body language that exudes power, expressiveness and confidence.

Since positive thinking starts subconsciously, an experienced trainer can guide people through the procedure of changing a negative state into a positive one.

The right attitude is contagious and leads to a “can do” attitude within an individual, a team and an organization. The session allows the group to consider the business consequences of negative thinking and learn the methodology to develop positive practices that can be achieved in the flick of a mental switch.

Once the course is completed the participants will be able to:

  • identify negative thinking and behavioural habits;
  • use methods, models and techniques for turning negative to positive;
  • think systems for success – planning the positive future;
  • visualize techniques to transform business situations.