P&L for Pharma People

P&L for Pharma People – Building Profits

WHAT: This training course will give an understanding of how financial statements are created and demystifies key financial terms. The goal is to enable sales people to be more confident when discussing a Profit and Loss statement, and give a greater appreciation of the financial consequences of the actions of the business.

How it works?

The practical part represents 50% of the program = using an on-line platform and specific case studies. Know-how sessions will be delivered between the practical steps.
The participants will be able to:
• understand any financial report, recognizing which numbers provide key information
• accurately measure the financial position of the department
• evaluate the financial impact of each decision before you make them
• work confidently with balance sheets, income statements, cash flow statements and other financial reports

The Practical PART:
Using an on-line platform for creating and monitoring a real budget, the participants will have the opportunity to develop their own P&L and to follow the normal processes of adjustment during a specific period (a quarter/ an year/ two years).
Each participant will analyse the realities of a company (the first year) and then he/ she will have the task to create his/ her own P&L in order to see how changes affect the bottom line.
During the last chapter of the training all participants will conduct a business review: calculating the key indicators and discuss the outcome.