Managing Customer Service Teams

The Customer Service Manager is one of the most important people in any good business, directly managing the people who provide services to customers. A good Customer Service Manager can give the business a great reputation and generate positive word of mouth; a poor customer service manager can actually mobilize communities against the company.
Being a great Customer Service Manager is more than making sure people are scheduled properly and making sure your department comes in under budget. A Great manager is always looking for ways to increase performance, develop staff, and provide the ultimate experience to each and every customer.

Once the course is completed the participants will be able to:

  • create/ adapt CS procedures for better results;
  • create/ “read” activity reports for quality information;
  • keep people focused and motivated;
  • introduce change and new processes to ensure success;
  • get your staff to „buy in” to new processes and changes;
  • encourage employee involvement and suggestions ;
  • get more results in less time from your staff.