KAM Approach and Action®

Key skills are required to maximise and maintain your key accounts, including multiple relationship management, networking and strategic planning.

A strong focus will be placed on relationship building and the skills needed to protect key accounts from competitor attack. Individual coaching, self-appraisal and skill practices will ensure maximum participation and learning.

This thought provoking a two-day workshop focuses on maximising the potential of key accounts that are critical to an organisation’s success or failure.

Once the course is completed the participants will be able to:

  • identify and understand the criteria for key accounts;
  • develop a creative, structured and value generating strategic account plan;
  • manage business relationships to increase your business;
  • understand how to develop a planned approach to increasing business;
  • manage themselves and time more effectively;
  • understand how behaviours affect both themselves and the clients;
  • complete key documentation that supports account development;
  • be aware of own their strengths, limitations, motivations and work motivators.