Knowing My Doctors®

Knowing my Doctors®

One of the most important instruments in business development is knowing your customers:
Professional & personal needs. Of course, as a company you cannot provide solutions to all their needs, but you can adapt your strategy and differentiate yourself from the competition.

Qualitative techniques are extremely useful when a subject is too complex to be answered by a simple yes or no hypothesis. These types of designs are much easier to plan and carry out. They are also useful when budgetary decisions have to be taken into account.
The broader scope covered by these designs ensures that some useful data is always generated, whereas an unproved hypothesis in a quantitative experiment can mean that a lot of time has been wasted. Qualitative research methods are not as dependent upon sample sizes as quantitative methods; a case study, for example, can generate meaningful results with a small sample group.

An unique method:
– a mix between an interactive workshop and mini-focus group (only parts of the exercises are imported from this instrument)
– people will work not only altogether, but in smaller groups, in pairs and individually
– the consultant will help the group get the answers in an unconventional interactive manner

Advantages of the method proposed
For The Pharma Company:
– perception: it is not another program where medical doctors are brought to by a pharmaceutical company; the company really cares and helps participants to identify their needs, gaps, aspirations
– it is a development class, using specific instruments that help people understand and develop themselves
– it is a program focused on the participants and their needs
– the company will get specific answers in an unconventional manner, where the authenticity of the answers is much higher than in a standard interview
– working together and in groups will help individuals identify their own development needs and aspirations
– future leaders can be easily identified

For the participants (Medical Doctors):
– it won’t be perceived as only another training, but a development session for themselves as individuals
– they will spend 2 sessions of one and a half day working on themselves/ focused on themselves and their needs
– the class will help their development
– it is something to be remembered, because it makes a difference