Relationship Selling®

Traditional Selling

Traditional selling is characterized by ’push’ processes such as pitching, overcoming objections, trial closes and the like. They are about the seller being in control and manipulating buyers into a position of saying ‘yes’. In recent years these have morphed into more subtle techniques e.g. ‘solution selling’, the inference being ‘I know what you need’.

Traditional selling is something you do to buyers.

Relationship Selling

Relationship Selling is a ‘pull’ approach; people buy from you simply because they trust you. To gain trust, you must of course have a relationship. We describe the process as one of ‘creating environments in which people buy’.

The salesperson is seen as a trusted adviser who facilitates the buy process by helping buyers to understand their needs and to think through how best to address them. Buyers essentially ‘invent’ their own solution. The environment is both cooperative and productive and it is the basis of Relationship Selling training.

Relationship Selling is something you do with buyers.

Once the program is completed the participants will be able to:

  • Instil a relationship focus rather than a transactional mind set
  • Increase overall revenue for sales processes
  • Sell more services per customer
  • Increase job satisfaction and impact of contact per rep
  • Create a relationship culture that increases customer sales, satisfaction, and loyalty