Results Orientation Workshop®

Results Orientation is the most important factor of a successful sales representative. Knowing all the techniques is surely not enough to become a professional in sales. One must have the right attitude and the SMART objectives for each sales visit.

The workshop covers the science of questions in qualification, advanced objection handling skills and finally, a review of closing techniques. There is also included a self-analysis of preferred styles, developing the most appropriate strategies for each participant.

The program consists in a two-day training session.

The courses also include role-plays so that the participants can practice the techniques in a close to real environment.

Once the course is completed the participants will be able to:

  • respond to customers’ needs and wants in order to adapt their selling approach to those needs & wants;
  • identify current sales skills, both strengths and development opportunities;
  • develop a professional behaviour during all phases of the sales call;
  • understand the importance and gain the ability to ask for business during the sales visit.