Consultant, not Sales Representative

Today, we are facing a new step in sales evolution: salesman is an obsolete term, fact and reality. Customers are looking for support and advice from professionals, who are doing a lot more than just delivering products, services and information: they want to be counseled for developing their business. Or at least, they expect their providers to be able to solve a part of their issues without them consuming any time and energy.

This two days workshop is mentality change directed – positioning as a consultant means a lot more than just selling something. Being a consultant in your area of services (no matter the nature of your industry) will make you stand out in your customer’s eyes and become a business partner on a long run.

Gaining skills is 10.000 times easier than mentality change. That is why you need support and a professional that is 3 in 1: consultant, trainer and coach! We do have this rare species (only 2 of a kind)… but high quality at your disposal.