Coaching for Results®

Positioning as a coach is the toughest part of being a coach: many managers tend to give solutions or even worse to impose the solution they want to others. That is why this module will first help you understand what coaching really is and the results that professional coaching can bring.

The success of coaching in the workplace depends on the quality and professionalism of managers and their ability to use coaching to deliver and demonstrate value to the individual and the organisation.

This participative two-day course focuses on developing coaching skills, giving you the confidence to adopt a “coaching management style” and challenge others to develop their full potential.

Once the course is completed the participants will be able to:

  • identify coaching values;
  • evaluate different coaching models and how they are used;
  • develop own coaching style;
  • apply coach & mentoring techniques for performance and development issues;
  • give feedback as coach;
  • develop action plans for coaching in the workplace.