Performance in Negotiation

To obtain a profitable outcome it is necessary to understand both your own beliefs, values and objectives and of those of other parties. This means a long term, profitable relationship!
So, the skills that support negotiation success are also important life and social skills.

They include:

  • listening;
  • seeing things from other people’s point of view;
  • checking out beliefs and assumptions (of both sides!);
  • identifying areas of agreement;
  • identifying points of leverages and blockages;
  • multilateral thinking, in order to develop other ways of achieving an objective;
  • flexibility and sensitivity.

The participants will use a variety of learning tools including workshops, games, real life scenarios and open learning.

The workshop examines and evaluates the different styles of negotiation available and then uses practical role plays to help the delegates understand how to use the skills needed to become expert negotiators.

The program consists in a two-day training session.
The course also includes case studies so that the participants can understand the techniques in a close to real environment.

Once the course is completed the participants will be able to:

  • plan and prepare a strategy for successful negotiation;
  • use effective negotiation skills and behaviours to gather information;
  • manage conflict and deadlock;
  • influence and persuade both colleagues and clients.