Business Emotional Intelligence

We reach top professional results through a combination of Rational Intelligence (IQ) and Emotional Intelligence (EQ).

Professionals own practically the same level of technical information. The difference consists no more in their knowledge, but in their attitude and „personal touch”.

IQ, as scientists demonstrated, is a gift at birth. There are only few things we can do to improve it.

EQ – scientifically demonstrated too – is something we are able to highly develop through our lives.

This Business Emotional Intelligence comes with the practicality of self-awareness and self-management applied in daily business work: either sales, marketing or management processes. It is not a scientific approach, but a result oriented one.

The level of Emotional Intelligence reflects how well people:

  • recognize and express their own emotions;
  • accurately understand and respond to others’ emotions in one-on-one situations and in groups;
  • integrate this emotional data into their thinking, reasoning and decision making;
  • motivate themselves in achieving self goals;
  • manage their own and others’ emotions, and achieve preferred supplier status with chosen customers.