Oscar Winning Presentations…and the Business goes to: YOU!®

Why not learning from the most experienced professionals in Public Speaking – like actors?

During this Oscar Winning Presentation training course the participants will learn to enhance their natural communication skills and improve the ability to make the audience understand/participate into the presentation.

One of the key methods is the practice of skills with increased sensitivity to the behavior of others, allowing self-projection with confidence, not only during presentation but also in your daily working environment.

The program consists in a two days training session.

The courses also include live presentations so that the participants can practice the techniques in a close to real environment.

Once the course is completed the participants will be able to:

  • feel confident in front of a large/ unknown audience;
  • develop presentation skills and increase self-confidence when delivering presentations in front of an audience;
  • improve impact idea selling to groups of customers;
  • understand and use effective presentation skills, including:

– maximize verbal and visual communication skills;
– speak fluently and confidently even under stress;
– identify their own style of communication.