Mental Attitude in Leadership Development

There is one essential quality necessary for anyone in a leadership position: the
ability to see what is going on. Seeing is clarity.

Leadership requires:

  • innovative thinking;
  • people making positive and inspiring impacts;
  • the ability to motivate others.

What is needed is the ability to think and act differently, regardless of the accepted or the right way of doing things.

The Leadership module consists in a two-day training program.

The course also includes real business case studies so that the participants can practice the techniques in a close to real environment.

Once the course is completed the participants will be able to:

  • understand good Leadership Behaviors;
  • learn the difference between Leadership and Management;
  • gain insight into their patterns, beliefs and rules;
  • define qualities and strengths;
  • handle their and other people’s stress;
  • empower, motivate and inspire others.