Sales Management: People & Processes

Great sales people don’t always naturally make great Sales Managers, yet many are promoted into just such a managerial position. However, the challenges faced by the Sales Manager are significantly different to those faced by managers in other management positions.

This means that general management training courses are not 100% relevant to those in Sales Management positions. This two-day course fills the gap. The course provides a structured in-depth review of the key management areas relevant to those who will be managing a sales team.

Once the course is completed the participants will be able to:

  • understand the techniques required to successfully manage a sales team;
  • able to inspire and motivate the team to achieve outstanding results;
  • use the practical ideas toolkit received during training to improve your personal effectiveness as a sales manager;
  • be confident to tackle the hardest managerial position there is;
  • manage sales people as well as sales processes.