Business Simulation

Pharma Business Simulation

We have entered a new era of people development.
We cannot work only with the old training means – all new and futurist instruments that can help our employee improve and gain competencies must be used.
Qipa is not just a training company – it is an Individual Development oriented one, so the trainee is the most important for us.
Children learn better, faster by playing and doing things – so let’s not forget the native nature of ourselves!

We invite you to invest in your people in the smartest way, with the quickest and stable results!

The heart of Qipa Pharma Business Simulation is a computer based interactive application – an up to 10 steps process ran by each participant (or team of participants) that follow the real life situation of a pharmaceutical company activity.
All simulation steps are followed by training sessions that underline and support the learning and development directions stated in simulation steps.

The business challenge is complex and created around:
– Products
– Customers
– Competition
– National sales strategies

All factors that influence business results are presented in the simulation so that the reality can be understood and the decisions made can be challenged.